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Bear Games is an amazing new educational app for children that teaches a story in six languages - Cantonese, English, German, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish! With hand painted original watercolors and original music it is a truly unique app.

  • Watch all of Ollie's Adventures about a bear that helps find an elephant's lost tusks.
  • Learn to count from 1 to 10!
  • Play 'Stars at Night 'and learn the constellations!
  • Play the 'Shapes Game' and help the bear build a house with a circle, triangle, square, and rectangle!

Climate the Bunny is a new climate change app for kids! Meet Climate and all of his friends while you play fun games to learn about how to help save the environment and keep our earth beautiful.

  • Climate the Bunny with Big Ideas app is available in six languages!
  • Learn numbers, shapes, and the ABCs with Climate the bunny!
  • Hum along as you build a Polar Bear puzzle!
  • Enjoy the whimsical and colorful hand-drawn images and original music!

Island Dogs is a wonderful free learning app designed to present letters and numbers in a way that is fun and interactive! If you want to play games with Jaxson, or hear the story of finding his lost bones with the help of his friends, then take a run with Island Dogs!

  • How to write the alphabet in upper and lower case letters!
  • The numbers 1-10 and letters A through Z in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Mandarin!
Play three unique games:
  • Scramble Game: Match the letters as fast as you can to win!
  • River Game: See how far you and Jaxson the Island Dog can go down the river!
  • Whale Game: Can you make your whale grow to be the biggest in the ocean??